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Program Content:

  • 7 Daily Audio Lessons
  • 2 Bonus Audio Lessons
  • Workbook
  • "When all is lost" Letter to Send Your Spouse
  • PERT Technique for Creating Attraction
  • "Real Intimacy" (78-page Ebook)
  • "The Five Pillars of a Great Marriage" (20-page Ebook)

I finished your program...also listened to tons of your podcasts. My wife wanted nothing to do with me....threw a lot of jabs and stabs in about "never" wanting to stay with me etc. In the end..she ended the emotional affair she was having. Decided to stay...and things are going great.

Mark P., California

I took your 7 day Stop your divorce program and had fantastic results. You were so right about having the right mind set as essential to saving my marriage.

Michael B, San Diego